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Inspired by nature and meaningful 

spaces & places

Thank you for stopping by!  My name is Bethany Carroz and I’m a NW Arkansas based artist. My creations are often inspired by nature, meaningful spaces & places, and my two children. My hope is to create pieces for your home that will lift your spirit every time they catch your eye.

Having spent over a decade in design and product development for key national retailers I’ve designed everything from home goods to apparel for some of the most recognized brands in the world!


After having our first child in 2016, who was born with an unbalanced translocation (essentially a duplication in one of his chromosomes and a deletion in another), I decided to step away from the corporate world and focus on our family for the time.

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It wasn’t until the pandemic hit that I picked up a paintbrush for the first time in over a decade. Watercolor became the perfect creative outlet for me - I was drawn to the unpredictability of it, which seemed to reflect life in many aspects at that point in time.  The ability to create both soft blends as well as hard edges makes it such an elusive and addicting medium.


 My favorite muses tend to be loose nature inspired florals and landscapes, but I love to explore lots of different subjects and styles! If I’m not in the studio painting, you can find me spending time with my husband and two young kiddos, taking photos, or out kayaking the lake to recharge!

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Published Work:

House + Love = Home by Jenny Marrs

While We Wait by Celeste Shally


Check out my Etsy shop for original painting, art prints, stationery cards, postcards and more!

WestOak Watercolor at the Berry Fest Vendor Village

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